CapaCITY/É is an interdisciplinary research team working to understand why and how cities implement sustainable transportation interventions, specifically All Ages and Abilities bicycle networks and speed management interventions.

Implementation Science and Healthy Cities

Implementation science, used primarily in health care interventions, is focused on understanding how interventions or policies come about, how they can be translated to new contexts or scales, and who benefits. Applying and advancing implementation science in the realm of healthy cities offers an opportunity to support cities as they implement sustainable transportation interventions.



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The Training Hub is dedicated to enhancing the capacity of practitioners, trainees, and early career researchers to apply learnings from implementation science to support the development of sustainable transportation initiatives.

Knowledge Mobilization

Through webinars, summits, and infographics, the Knowledge Mobilization Hub aims to make research and learnings more accessible internally to our CapaCITY/É team and externally to our knowledge users.