Objective 3 – Advance Implementation Science

Objective 3 is led by Principal Investigators Dr. Sarah Moore and Dr. Alison Macpherson and Postdoctoral fellow Dr. Emily McCullogh, with support from Principal Investigators Dr. Daniel Fuller and Dr. Ben Beck and Postdoctoral fellow Dr. Lauren Pearson.

Implementation Science originated in health care as a way of translating research into practice and is informed by a range of models and frameworks. Frameworks offer an efficient way of generalizing findings across diverse settings, but most frameworks are designed for health care or programmatic interventions. Objective 3 aims to advance implementation science by developing an implementation science framework suitable for sustainable transportation interventions (hereafter, the ‘skeleton framework’). The ‘Skeleton Framework’ will aim to capture complex intersectoral solutions, put substantial attention to larger contextual factors (e.g., policy, politics, and governance), and importantly, provide guidance to reduce inequities within jurisdictions. To begin, we have undertaken a scoping review of existing frameworks and participated in a brainstorm with Australian research and community partners that has resulted in a draft ‘Skeleton Framework’. We will build onto the ‘Skeleton Framework’ over the course of the project informed by research activities in Objectives 1 and 2.