Objective 4 – Develop

Objective 4 is led by Principal Investigators Dr. Yan Kestens and Dr. Daniel Fuller.

In this objective we will develop tools for scaling up and scaling out of sustainable transportation interventions. Our aim is to support the uptake of the framework developed in Objective 3 among practitioners and researchers. Scaling up is the broader delivery of specific interventions (i.e., AAA bicycle networks or speed management interventions) to reach more people and cities, while scaling out is moving from one setting to another such as promoting other types of sustainable transportation interventions (e.g., public transit interventions, like Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)).

We will conduct an environmental scan of existing tools that have the potential to measure constructs from our framework. Results from the scan will be reviewed by municipal liaisons and other key informants to assess their perceptions. From this work, we will develop an online platform to guide municipalities towards the best available tools for successful implementation of sustainable transportation interventions in their city. We will promote and evaluate our online platform with our municipal partners.