Objective 1 – Document

Objective 1 is led by Principal Investigators Dr. Jennifer Tomasone and Dr. Martine Shareck and Postdoctoral fellow Dr. Kaitlyn Kauffeldt.

The goal of Objective 1 is to document the implementation process and outcomes of All Ages and Abilities bicycle networks and speed management interventions through comparative case studies. We began this work with a series of preliminary interviews with city partners in each jurisdiction to understand the high-level processes involved in implementing sustainable transportation interventions and to identify potential case studies. The next step is to develop and conduct an analysis of documents related to the interventions and case studies in each jurisdiction. The document analysis will also assist in identifying key informants for the next step – interviews. Interviews will be conducted with individuals involved in the planning and implementation of the interventions, this can include city staff, members of advocacy groups, and provincial or federal funders. Interviews will focus on factors influencing the implementation of the interventions, how decisions were made, and who was involved (or left out). Interview questions will also be informed by the Skeleton Framework under development by Objective 3. To understand consistent themes as well as dissimilarities, outcomes from the document analysis and interviews will be integrated across cities for similar interventions as well as within cities for the two intervention types. These results will also feed back into the Skeleton Framework as Objective 3 works toward developing an Implementation Science Framework for Healthy Cities.