Knowledge Mobilization

Knowledge mobilization is an umbrella term encompassing a wide range of activities relating to the production and use of research results, including knowledge synthesis, dissemination, transfer, exchange, and co-creation or co-production by researchers and knowledge users.

Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) is integrated into each of CapaCITY/É’s core objectives. Specific knowledge users engaged in our research program include city partners, equity-deserving groups, key informants, and national partners.

One of the goals of the KMb Hub is to make research and learnings more accessible internally within the CapaCITY/É team and externally to our knowledge users. We do this through hosting webinars, creating infographics, and coordinating local and annual summits.

All KMb activities are coordinated through the KMb Hub.

Members include:

  • Sara Kirk
  • Karen Laberee
  • Aman Chandi