Equity Hub

Equity Hub

CapaCITY/É’s overarching goal is to catalyze the implementation of sustainable transportation interventions to support health, mobility, and equity in cities. Our research aims to understand the key implementation factors for scaling up and scaling out these interventions across different jurisdictions to support health, equity, and sustainability goals.

Many population groups have been historically marginalized from access to power, resources, and rights that shape their city, and these inequities persist, in transportation and other domains of city life. Across CapaCITY/É we define equity-deserving populations as communities that face structural challenges towards equitable access and resources when it comes to safe, sustainable, and just transportation.

To ensure sustainable transportation interventions accelerate progress towards equity, implementation science in this realm must have an explicit focus on equity. This requires placing deliberate and sustained emphasis on the cultures, histories, and needs of communities, conducting critical analysis of current systems and structures that perpetuate inequities, along with generating robust data that reflect the experiences and needs of equity-deserving populations.

Beyond a research focus on equity, we see equity as a daily practice within our team. This daily practice centres diversity, inclusion, and cultural safety for everyone with CapaCITY/É and for those who work with us both as individuals and as a team. Equity is built into the centre of our team governance, with an Equity Hub comprised of team members who have specific expertise, either through their research and/or lived experience; collectively they will advise the Working Groups as they conduct research and knowledge mobilization activities.

Current Equity Hub members: