Did you miss our webinar on Pedal Poll/Sondo Vélo? 

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One of the barriers faced by advocates, planners and researchers in their work to advance safe cycling infrastructure across Canada is a shortage of reliable data on where people are already travelling by bike. To address these data gaps, Vélo Canada Bikes, a national non-profit organization that advocates for everyday cycling in Canada, partnered with researchers across the country to launch Pedal Poll/Sondo Vélo 2021, a community-driven effort to collect data on who is cycling, and where, in Canada.


Kate Walker, Chair of the Board, Vélo Canada Bikes and PhD candidate, Population Health, University of Ottawa

Dr. Madeleine Bonsma-Fisher, Pedal Poll 2022-23 Analyst and Data Sciences Institute Postdoctoral Fellow

Samuel Benoit, Executive Director, Vélo Canada Bikes

Two smiling people in a shaded area with clipboards and bikes